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Sunday, January 03, 2016

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There is no information, detail, or background that is not web searchable today.  When any topic or question arises, billions of people use a search engine on the internet via a plethora of devices (desktop or mobile) to fill in the blanks.  Of course, that service is not available universally and, yes there are at least a billion people (really) who don't have any idea what we are talking about.

We know a couple who have met these people.  There story is not well known, but it is a part of the 'social current see' of our time.

Close friends of ours, Jim and Regina Manley are based with MAF in Coeur d'Alene, ID, but the world is literally their mission field.  You can search for other titles and products like this by using the search box (below) or SEE the BROWSE BY CATEGORY page.


ALTACITIES® is now on FLIPBOARD® the social network flagship for boomers Mike & Dee Dee Foxworth of Corona, California, the Temescal Valley. Our AMAZON location reflects the reading we are doing on our KINDLE devices and apps and other interests during our retirement years. Browse the topics and let us know what you enjoy by returning comments at our blog/website/social media locations. ALSO ASK US ABOUT OUR PHILANTHROPIC PARTNERSHIPS where charitable partners derive income from purchases made on these pages. Connect to us at the FLIPBOARD ® and other links below. Now visit the AMAZONE CROSSING (XNG) by ALTACITIES ® where you find details about BROWSE on PURPOSE® as well.

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