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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

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By many pundits, the evangelical vote is expected to be split more than usual in today's presidential election.▶ Recently, Christianity Today explored why the evangelical voting block is so much more divided this year compared to previous elections by compiling what they believe are the top 10 stats explaining the evangelical vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.▶ Surveys that study evangelicals based on their beliefs and actions: LifeWay Research finds that 45 percent of Americans with evangelical beliefs plan t o vote for Trump, 31 percent for Clinton and 23 percent for a third-party or undecided.▶ A Reuters survey finds that 48 percent of Americans who worship weekly plan to vote for Trump, 34 percent for Clinton and 14 percent for a third-party or not at all.▶ The Barna Group finds that 4 in 10 evangelicals are reluctant to vote for either Trump or Clinton.▶ Flip②▶Vision♥Worth® on Flipboard | 
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