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Ringing Reminders Near and Far

#BigedyBigedyBong#HappyNewYear Everyone!! — Conrad Foote (@conswim) December 31, 2015
Now that we have been retired since January 2010, seldom do we set an alarm clock to which sound (buzzer) we arise in the morning.  In fact, like clockwork, I can be certain that the internal body clock will awaken us between 5:30 and 6:00 am daily without fail.

Still, when you think about the "ringing reminders" that are well-known in this world, none is perhaps more famous than the London Big Ben Tower. The clock tower at Westminster, which contains the bell known as Big Ben, is an iconic landmark in London, England. It is traditionally thought that the melody of the tower chimes was taken from the tune of I Know That My Redeemer Liveth from Handel’s Messiah. Words were eventually added and put on display in the clock room:

Lord, through this hour be Thou our guide;
So by Thy power no foot shall slide.
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There is no information, detail, or background that is not web searchable today.  When any topic or question arises, billions of people use a search engine on the internet via a plethora of devices (desktop or mobile) to fill in the blanks.  Of course, that service is not available universally and, yes there are at least a billion people (really) who don't have any idea what we are talking about.

We know a couple who have met these people.  There story is not well known, but it is a part of the 'social current see' of our time.
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