Monday, February 05, 2018

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During my pre-teen years (late 50s and early 60s), my parents purchased some undeveloped land in North Florida that couldn’t even live up to the moniker, “a swamp.”

But I remember that a few trees indigenous to the acreage were mulberry, aka Morus, a genus of flowering plants in the family Moraceae, according to Wikipedia, comprises 10–16 species of deciduous trees commonly known as mulberries, growing wild and under cultivation in many temperate world regions. Luke 17:6 refers to the tree as a Sycamine which there is associated with “bitterness.”

Immature mulberry fruits are white, green, or pale yellow. In most species the fruits turn pink and then red while ripening, then dark purple or black, and have a sweet flavor when fully ripe, but not before. The fruits of the white-fruited cultivar are white when ripe; the fruit of this cultivar is also sweet but has a very bland flavor compared with darker varieties.

And although I haven’t had mulberries for years, I do remember how ample sugar added to the mixture produces a tasty mulberry pie or cobbler.

In this vein, bitterness "A Place of No Grace" is an exciting book by Pastor Paul Kingsbury. This insightful book gives an in-depth analysis of bitterness: the causes, the effects, and the treatment of this catastrophic condition. This book makes an excellent gift for RU students, church members, and family.

Dr. Kingsbury has been the senior pastor of North Love since 1982, with a congregation that has grown to nine hundred regular attending members. His ministry includes a private Christian school, Bible College, Bus Ministry, and is the home of Reformers Unanimous, a local church-based addictions program which is now being used in more than five hundred churches across the United States and several other countries around the world. Thousands of people have come to Christ out of serious addictions and are experiencing freedom and victory through this program. Pastor Kingsbury's church has also opened homes for men and women; where they may be disciplined from a lifestyle which involved alcohol, drugs and other stubborn habits to grow into spiritual maturity. Dozens of Christian workers have also been sent from North Love Baptist Church into mission fields around the world. ▶

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