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#Pray for POTUS Trump▶ #SocialCurrentSee

#Pray for POTUS Trump#SocialCurrentSee FLIPBOARDVIDEO
WHOdoesn't view with concern the recent protests in the streets (like that at UC Berkeley CA)? Such events mean a case can be made that the U.S. national scene of 2017 is mostly volatile and uncertain, even though there has been a peaceful transfer of political power in our country, such as it has been for nearly 250 years. At this time, observing a President not even in office for two weeks, WHAT can alter the course of the future? Without any doubt, the determined President Trump is making steady progress in striving to fulfill his campaign promises on many fronts, despite a large but limited populist revolt. Now, we might ask if anything would be different about the daily scenes of objection and revolt by the detractors of POTUS TRUMP if there was evidence of more prayer and less protest? WHENdidyou last offer such a prayer for peace and civility in the public square? WHERE this latest protest movement will go from here w…